Friday, July 3, 2009

I got Rear Ended...TWICE!

Last Friday, we were having friends over for dinner and a fun evening of fellowship. My husband sent me to go pick up a couple two-liters for dinner. I took Princess Pea with me and left the two boys with him.

Traffic is heavy through our little town at five in the afternoon, and this road I was traveling on is extremely busy.

The vehicle in front of me stopped. I stopped.

The vehicle behind me didn't stop.

I see in my rearview mirror her manuever her car to the right into a ditch but she still clips the rear right bumper.

Princess Pea starts to cry and I turn to assure her we are okay. While I am twisted in my seat, we got rear ended...AGAIN. This time I bump the vehicle in front of me.


I am 32-years-old and this is the first wreck I've ever been in.

I got my daughter out of her carseat. She is crying and very upset and frankly, I am rattled.

The person driving the first vehicle who hit me immediately starts getting on her cell phone and telling someone that she "just totaled my car!" I hear her give instructions on where she is and a few moments later she takes off running.

She fled the scene on foot and left her vehicle at the scene of the accident.

I fill out the accident reports and I am allowed to drive my mini-van. That's great, because we have only the one vehicle.

My daughter and I go to the ER to be checked out and we are okay, just very sore.

Turns out, that neither driver who hit me had insurance.


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  1. Thank God you and your daughter are both okay!

    Some states require uninsured-motorist insurance coverage, for situations just like this. Hope you don't have too much financial grief from the collision.


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