Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Birthday Cake Round-Up

Fishmama is having a Birthday-Cake Round Up. I thought I'd share a few cakes I've made.

The first one was for my youngest son's "Shark Birthday."

This cake features graham cracker crumbs as the ocean floor, jelly beans as pebbles, fruit roll-ups as sea weed, rainbow goldfish, and a cardstock shark fin poking out the top.

We rounded this out by floating a shark in what I had thought was supposed to be blue kool-aid, but actually turned out to be red kool-aid. The whole scene looked macabre and the little boys ate it up!

The next cake was a Jo Jo's Circus Party and I did the faces of both Jo Jo the clown and Goliath her pet lion.

Character cakes always freak me out...nothing shows devotion to a character like eating its face!?!

Here is my first attempt at making a cake (I know I didn't have to tell you that). For my oldest's first birthday we had a farm theme featuring a cow cake complete with milk dud eyes:

Of course there was the year I cheated and didn't make a cake. I just made blue cupcakes to look like water for the pirate ship to float on:

The cakes may not be perfect but there was a lot of love that went into them.

My boys remember these cakes fondly (except for the cow one, which is fine with me) and don't care that they didn't have fancy store bought cakes.

Check out more cakes at Life as Mom.


  1. I love them! Especially the shark and the cow! Thanks for linking up.

  2. the shark cake is awesome and so creative!

  3. I love your cheat cake...when in doubt, surround toys with cupcakes! ;) You have improved a lot from the cow days, but I enjoyed seeing the little moo-moo anyway!

  4. I think the cow cake is really cute! And chocolate!

  5. I love the shark and the cheat cake. My mom keeps sending me pictures of whole cakes made of cupcakes (it's the new trend). Loved seeing your cakes :-).

  6. Your cakes are soooo cute! I absolutely love the shark one. And what a clever idea, to use the blue-frosted cupcakes as the water for the ship. I'd never have thought of that. Thanks for sharing your great ideas. (And I am a fellow Queen of the Castle, too, by the way :) It's good to meet a fellow queen.)


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