Saturday, August 1, 2009

I didn't fall off the face of the Planet...

it just feels like it!

July, all at once, became very busy here in the land of sort of fairy tale

(Photo by knixnet)

We finally got our minivan repaired from the wreck I was in at the end of June. We have uninsured driver insurance on our policy. After paying the deductable, our insurance paid for the rest of the repairs. We had a rental for a little over a week. The van looks great!

Since the wreck I have been having terrible migraines. I had never had a migraine before this wreck and since I have had three. I went to the doctor early Monday because I could not get the migraine to break. She has ordered me to have a CT Scan next Friday. Thankfully, the car insurance is picking up that tab as well.

I have been looking at, praying about, and calculating curriculum for the upcoming school year. I love this time of year! I have a third-grader this year and it seems like homeschool becomes a completely new ball game. I will share later when I make a decision.

Today, I am hosting a baby shower and my boys have a birthday party to attend.

What's new with you? What curricuclum are you excited about this year?

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  1. My son is excited about starting Apologia Biology. He can't wait to get to the dissections, and he's already reading the descriptions of the advanced bio courses.


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