Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Real Life Princess

Saturday night I had the opportunity to catch up with my good friend Sarah. It was a wonderful conversation where we talked about middle school teacher crushes, to our lives now, and plans to, hopefully, get to see each other on the 12th of this month. We have performed together in various theatre productions and took many classes together. Times with Sarah was always marked with laughter and joy! It was great how easily we picked up our friendship.

Sarah is an amazing woman. She has always had a huge heart and a beautiful smile. She has always been someone special in my book.

She was adopted as an infant by a white family in my hometown. She is biracial, her mother a native of WV and her father from Africa. She had always known this about her bio parents. In her early adulthood she sought out her birthmother and discovered she had died of cancer. After overcoming her fear of finding her bio father she sought him out, and what she discovered changed her life. She was related to African royalty, a ruling Mende family in Sierra Leone and she is considered a mahaloi, the child of a Paramount Chief, with the status like a princess.

Yes, she is a real life princess.

You can read more of Sarah's amazing story HERE, HERE, and you can buy her book HERE.
She is also in August's issue of Glamour and Essence Magazines.

Words cannot express how proud I am of her!! She has handled this with such grace and responsibility and tremendous respect for the people of the Sierra Leone.

Grab something to drink and sit back and "meet" my friend Sarah, gather your kids around and introduce them to her story, but most of all would you please pray for my precious friend?

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  1. WOW!!! Amazing story!! And you know her, so cool Mistey!!


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