Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Math U See is for Me!!

We've gotten a good start on school. We are really enjoying our curriculum!

I cannot tell you the joy that I experience every day when we do our Math U See program. My 6-year-old boy would not identify numbers past ten last year. I even began to think that he could possibly be dyslexic.

Mr. Steve (as we call him) on the instructional DVD explains that the reason children have dificulties understanding the teen numbers is because they do not follow the pattern of the other numbers in the English language.

Think about it for a moment, when we read the number 49 we say "forty (four-ty)nine," but when we say 19 we start with the number on the right first. That is totally opposite of how we do things in English (we read left to right etc.). This was such a breakthrough for my little guy. He has done 12 weeks of math in 3 weeks.

The blocks give just enough of a feeling of play that he anticipates doing math this year.

This is my son who would hide pencils and cross his arms when it came to math.

With this renewed confidence in math, my boy is ready to tackle the world and the rest of his schooling!

Seriously, if I ever meet Mr. Steve I would probably kiss him!!

(pictures from the Math U See website...yeah, that is supposed to be lipstick marks on his head, get it? Mr. Steve doesn't have a red Gorbachev mark on his head)

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