Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Home Management: Schedule Around your Meal Times

Edith Schaeffer writes, “What is a family? A formation center for human relationships—worth fighting for, worth calling a career, worth the dignity of hard work.”

Do you think of your family this way?

Like it or not, everyone has routines and schedules. Yes, even you who decide to "wing it" everyday.

Even if you choose to fly by the seat-of-your-pants in your day-to-day life you are still held to a routine to a certain degree. We all wake up, take a shower, and eat during the day, right?

Why not take it a step further and organize your day and time a little bit better?

Do you have routines or schedules for your home? It really is quite simple to create. There are several great sites to help you out, but I have found that the best routine is one that I have come up with myself.

Your schedule should be an outline of how your day should flow. You don’t need to be chained to your schedule, it should allow for those unexpected events that seem to pop up.

If you don’t have a schedule, get out a piece of paper and work on a rough draft of one. Start with everything you have to accomplish during the day. We are all different people and your list is going to look different than mine, so go ahead and take a few moments and jot down some things you have to get done (meals, clean, laundry, devotions).

I’m not asking you to list things that you’d like to get accomplished, I’m talking the bare bone minimums.

Do you notice a pattern?

If your household is anything like mine, your day revolves around your meal times.

What time do you eat in your home? What times does your husband need meals to be ready, do you know? Ask him his opinion. Husband Dear doesn’t expect dinner on the table, but he loves to come home and see (or is that smell) that I’ve gotten things started.

We eat breakfast around 8AM, Lunch is at Noon, and Dinner is normally ready around 5:30.

Once you have an idea of what time you eat, think about what kind of time you need to prepare a good, healthy meal for your family and how long it takes you to clean up.

Breakfast around here is normally put together rather quickly so I can prepare it and the boys have it eaten all in a half an hour. Lunch is the same way. For Dinner I give myself about 45 minutes to prepare it and about a half hour to get the kitchen cleaned up afterwards.

Figure out what times you'd like your family to eat and let those be the anchors to your schedule.

~Home Management Homework~

1. Pray before you begin your schedule ask God to reveal to you how to prioritize your day that would bring the most glory to Him.

2. Ask your husband what he expects out of your day, when he wants the meals to be served, and what you can do during the day to help him out the most. Remember if you are married, your husband is your primary priority after God. You are your husband’s helper!!

3. Focus on your children’s schedule. Take note of when they wake up, nap, and when do they need to go to bed at night? Keep these notes fresh in your mind or jot them down because you will need them tomorrow.

What do you think? Is this doable for you? Leave me some comments or suggestions.

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