Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Baking Day Update #1

I got a late start on baking day.

I've still made pretty good progress when you factor in that I've homeschooled and potty trained on top of everything.

So far I've accomplished:
  • Feeding both breakfast and lunch to the children.
  • Full-Day of Homeschooling
  • Marinating pork loin for dinner
  • Half-Gallon of milk cooling in crockpot getting ready to be turned into yogurt
  • Spice Vanilla Granola (tastes great!)
  • Granola Cookies (amazing)
The two boys chipped in and helped make cookies. I had to keep reminding them not to lick their fingers when they were cooking. So hard to remember, I know!

Of course, I had 2-year-old Princess Pea to keep busy. I decided to bring her play stove and sink into the kitchen with me. I gave her some plastic bowls and spoons to play with and she happily kept herself busy.

Whenever the timer on my stove goes off she yells out "Beeping," which is also what she refers to her play stove as, a "Beeping." :)
I have more that I want to do, just thought I'd update while eating lunch!

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